Monday, October 6, 2008

I heart quilting

It must have been about three years ago that I put this quilt top together. I had no purpose for making the quilt except for a fun place to preserve some of my favorite fabric scraps. My local quilt shop offered this particular quilt class and so I thought I would splurge and actually pay for some quilt tutoring. It was FUN! I learned a lot in the short time I was there. Unfortunately I didn't complete the whole top in class, hence the three years later still trying to get it finished.
This past weekend I got it stretched out on a quilt frame so I could baste the three layers together. Now I have it ready to hand quilt which may take another three years. Hand quilting takes so much time but I actually enjoy it. I can take it with me in the car on long trips and I can quilt while watching tv or movies at home. I havn't been able to justify forking out the $80 or $90 to have it quilted for me and can't even fork out the $100 for a walking foot for my sewing machine. So for now it will be hand quilting for me.

Quilting is something that I could really get into. I love peicing beautiful fabrics together and creating quilt designs. I love the way the stitches and fabric pucker up together when it's completed. It seems to be an expensive hobby and very time consuning too. Hmm, maybe that's why all my quilts are taking several years to complete and why I resort to hand quilting. Even so, I love it.

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Khrista said...

Oh Beth, this is gorgeous! You are so crafty! You have such a great eye for color and pattern too!
I have a very old quilt from my husbands grandmother that I cut up *gasp* to keep the better squares. I am working on piecing it back together. Most of the fabric she used came from old flour sacks. :) It has such character!