Monday, May 11, 2009

Feeling lucky :)

I hardly remember, but apparantly I made a comment on a giveaway over at sew mama
sew. Turns out I WON!! I was so surprised to get the email in my inbox. I couldn't even remember making the comment. I must have figured I WOULD NEVER WIN :). But I did - I won one of five prizes. Mine was a $20 gift card to their online store. Man did I have fun shopping over there. I havn't bought really cool quilting cotton in a LONG time. The Katie Jump Rope line by Denyse Schmidt caught my eye and bought nine 3/8 yard cuts (on sale) and only paid for shipping. I am looking forward to making a quilt top with it. I have this whirlygig pattern in mind, we'll see what happens :).

This is something I've been working on. It only needs snaps (I've never done snaps before) and some finishing around the neck and sleeves. I may try some of my new FOE (fold over elastic) that I just got from Sewzannes :) That stuff is so cool. Not as easy to put on as I'd have liked but it is still cool. I may just add some ribbing - I'm good at that. I'm still wondering whether or not to put in the feet or leave the legs opened. hmmm. It is summer, but it cools down in the evenings and babies never leave their blankets on. . . I'll probably leave it open.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh I love this

This post is kindof like a "bookmark" for myself. To remind myself that I LOVE THIS and really want to make it.
I found a whole bunch of cool puppets from the dollar store a couple years ago and I need to pull them out of the box and use them more - this would be cute!! The boys love the puppet shows and it is a fun/creative NON COMPUTER activity for them :) yeah!! My friend says this is "A DOOR A BLE" and it's late enough that it's funny!

This reminds me that I really want to make a card table tent? Have you seen those? It is a fabric tent that you slip over the top of a card table and it makes and instant fort or tent or princess castle or whatever you want it to be. I want to make a princess castle with windows and doors and some fun applique on the sides of flowers or something.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

fabric birthday banner #2

Fabric Birthday Banner #2 and I think I'm done with birthday banners for a while. Although I think they would be fun birthday presents for some of my friends? Or sisters? OOH - maybe I'll make one for the annual sister's gift exchange this year???? SHHHH :)
Anyway, I like how this one turned out. I LOVE the fabrics together. It is very festive. I made sure this time to put a darker plain fabric on the back side so that if hung up against a window the pattern on the back wouldn't come through and distract from the pattern on the front. I made the individual flags 7" accross and 10" deep. I pinked around the edges, made button holes in each corner and used ribbon through the button holes to secure the flags next to each other. More on the process here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Recycled dusting mitt

I love them and am going to make some :). I think my kids will really want to dust with these - especially if it's made from one of their old shirts or something :)
They look super quick and easy to make - There is a great tutorial here: