Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Theme Thursday for this week is “projects”.
My problem with projects is that I enjoy doing way to many things. I always want to do too much. Now with a new baby I don't have much time at all until the kids go to bed at night and by then I'm exausted. I remember the days when I use to sew. ALOT!. I sewed children's clothing and sold it on ebay. I miss those days a tiny bit. I don't miss the long hours but I miss completing so many projects! There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from the whole process - starting with a design in my head to sending it off in the mail!
This week I did accomplish some small projects.

First of all I've been learning to knit and I've been practicing the cable stitch. I finished this small pillow this week and it now sits on my bed :)

The second thing I finished was this baby toy ball!! IT IS UGLY AND SO FUNNY!!! When I first saw the idea for this I thought it would be SO CUTE. I don't know why I couldn't see how awful it really would be. My husband and I have been laughing at it so hard since I finished it. He told me I should cut it apart and use the stuffing for something else. Instead I think I'll keep it around and let the boys use it as a boxing glove hee heee. I don't know what is more dissappointing - wasting the fabric or wasting my precious time on it. oh well, It hasn't been my first disaster and I'm sure it won't be my last.

As far as photography projects go, I've been spending the last few months reading and practicing how to use my flash better. I've trying to get more serious about taking my photography up a notch so I can make a little more $ at it. Last month I was asked to take pictures at a wedding and then that job landed me another wedding shoot. I was able to upgrade to a much much nicer lens and hopefully soon to a better camera. I don't necessarily want to become a wedding photographer, but it has been good experience and eye opening to what I need to work on!
A photography project I accomplished this week was a self portrait :).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Self Portrait

Ok. . . . . well, I pretty much cheated on getting a portrait of myself, BY myself.
Stacy's Theme Thursday last thursday was "self portrait". I wanted to do it but didn't make the time - until today. But like I said, I kindof cheated. I made several attempts. I couldn't figure out how to focus on a blank wall and set the timer before I made an entrance. I had my son hit the button on the camera for me but that introduced a lot of camera shake - even on a tripod (I had the center extended up all the way). It was scary the amount of sway that tripod had with my camera, my new (heavy) lens AND the flash. I called it quits and decided to have my hushand take some pictures of me.
Seeing pictures of myself is like hearing my voice on a video - you hear it every time you speak but when you hear it on a video it's almost unrecognizable and awkward. I see myself in the mirror everyday but a photograph of me just looks different and I don't know why.
This was a good practice for me and I know I need to do this more often. I ask people to get in front of my camera all the time - it's nice to know how they feel and what they might be thinking. I need to hand my camera off more often and allow myself to be in the photos too :).
So here is the only one I liked from the pool I shot:

And here is the one my husband took that I liked:

The B&W conversions look best as I'm bouncing my flash off of our "spanish sand" walls and the light casts a yellowish brown tint. yucky - here is the colored one:

A great challenge Stacy - THANKS!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

winter wonderland

We've been having indian summer weather. It is normally rainy and foggy here in January and although we desperately need the rain, I am LOVING the sunshine. It means walking to pick up kids from school and playing at the park on Saturdays. It'e even meant that we get to open up the windows because sometimes it is warmer outside than it is in the house. We are lucky to have a park nearby with lots of fun equipment, lots of grass and trees and shade!
Saturday I got to try out my new lens :) and I got to practice with my flash/fill flash/ and the flash info I've been reading about recently. Again, just practicing. I am learning to appreciate my flash and love it a little bit more. I am all for natural/available light but like I read somewhere - If you have a flash in your camera bag or mounted on your camera then it too becomes available light! Yep - and I'm learning to love that added available light a little more :).
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