Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes I still do crafty stuff. . . . .

. . . and my husband thinks I'm crazy, but I like to share what I finish!!!
I recently finished a quilt that has been years in the making. Here was the start to it I had several scraps left over from "stuff" and I loved them, and so I put them together and made a funky quilt. When it was all done and quilted and bound and washed my husband asked me what it was for. What kind of a question is that?!? It's to show off my favorite fabrics. It's art, it's what I like to do.

Here is Steve. Our pet desert tortoise who doesn't know he is a turtle. He is so social and friendly. He follows you around like a little dog. I was taking these pictures and . . . there he was! Always has to check out what's going on!

I also made some little pouches to give to the teachers with gift certificates inside of them for end of the year gifts. I also had a few leftover for grad gifts/gift cards.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pictures tell a story !

Have you seen [framed] yet?!? Each week they post a new video featuring an inspiring photographer who is in love with his/her job. It teaches and it inspires all who watch! Go to the link above to watch each episode and to become a fan on facebook or twitter! I've loved each episode.
This week for the giveaway they are asking for pictures that tell stories. I could not narrow it down to just one, so I decided to post several (random) photographs that I've taken over the last few years. :)

This first one was taken in Brugge, Belgium. It depicts a typical day there on this touristy street.

I LOVE this next one! It's one of my favorite pictures ever taken. It was taken in Venice last summer. As we were walking I stopped, turned around and saw these two women arm in arm. I waited until they approached that strip of light, and then took a few pictures.

This was taken at a family reunion in Yellowstone. The big 'ol group was all posed and ready and the RAIN HIT!!!! :) I love it!

This next one was at the same family reunion and shows us all caravaning together to some old family property in Idaho. The property is endearing to all with many fond and loving memories.

A mother and her son, walking down the aisle :).

This one. . . . . haha. This one I'll leave it up to you to tell the story! This was taken in Antwerp Belgium last summer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quilted Fabric Growth Chart

I was recently invited to a baby shower for two friends :) Sister in laws. They are both expecting baby girls this early spring. I could have easily gone out and bought them something cute, but I sew. For some reason I got in my head I wanted to make them growth charts. Someone made one for me years ago and and I just love it.
I perused etsy and blogs for some ideas and this is what I came up with from all the cute ideas I saw out there. The crazy me made four of them. Two for gifts for the baby shower and two extras. . . . just because!! There is always a baby shower to go to and or a sister having a babay :)

For the hanging growth chart I basically put a bunch four wonky log cabin blocks together, added a white strip along the edge for the inch markings. They were written on with a fabric marker. I added them AFTER I washed and dried the quilt so the fabrics would shrink before adding the measurement ticks and thus stay accurate. Then I added a loop along the top for the dowel to sit in and for hanging. On the back I added a pocket to hold a fabric marker so that it is always there when you need it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Why stop at one post

Well I havn't posted (or crafted much) in a year or so. So why stop at one post. Here is something else I made for Valentines Day. I got the idea from this blog. A super cute blog by the way!!
I bought a heart wreath and wrapped that. I wish it was bigger, but it was the biggest one they had at Beverlys. It is only about 12" wide. I guess that would be a lot of wrapping if it was any bigger though.

I want to be "crafty" again!!!!!!

I really really want to enter a new phase of life where I am sewy and crafty again. I can't even recall exactly why I havn't been but it probably went something like this. Found out I was expecting new baby. Baby needed the third bedroom ie. my sewing room. I had no where to sew or craft except my small bedroom. I got busy with new baby and busy older boys. I started taking more and more pictures. I started my photography business and well that was pretty much the end of my sewing career. I have often drooled over my sisters crafty blog. I keep telling myself, "someday"!
We have since moved into a little bit bigger house, still only three bedrooms, but the extra eating/kitchen nook has been assigned my sewing space since we also have a dining room that is the best place for the kitchen table.
I kindof had a bad year doing photography - I was super super busy but for some reason most of my clients were the ones that didn't actually want to spend any money. That has made it frustrating for me to want to put any extra time into it right now and with the high school season over I have some time to. . . . . . . . SEW!!! Plus being in the new house has made me start thinking about things I cold do to decorate and spruce it up a bit with some crafty projects.
I had some time to spend all by myself at Beverly's the other night. It was heavenly! It was the first time I've been in there in what seems like years! I came home with the supplies to make a family rules canvas that I have seen around lately.
I actually FINISHED it in about two days time. It is up on the shelf and has added a lot to the little wall with shelves and not much else.

Now let's see if I can even remember how to post pictures. . . .