Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I seriously lack the creative space for amazing shots. Do you ever feel like that?? The view from my windows is less than inspiring. My indoor surrounding are even less inspiring - it's my own fault I'm sure. Getting "out" to take pictures isn't impossible, I just don't do it. Much. I should. I want to. The other day it rained fast and hard for about two minutes. I grabbed my camera and tried to shoot the crazy amount of water rushing over the roof. I could just imagine the most beautiful picture of rushing rain water. Well I didn't get that shot and the rain stopped shortly after it started so instead I looked downward and shot the sidewalks. I love reflections!!

Today I walked across the street for the second time to shoot my neighbors blossoming tree. The first time I missed the sun by minutes so tonight I got there in time for good sunset backlighting. I've decided however that morning sun might be best. Maybe I'll walk over again tomorrow. I'm determined to find beauty and creativity in my nearby surroundings.
I applied these actions to all the photos in this post. I bought them years ago and I really love them - not on every photo, but on some. I've only ever purchased three sets of actions. They are the only actions I use, IF I'm using one. I'm completely satisfied with my collection and havn't felt the need to buy any others.

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Stacy said...

Those are great shots, Beth. My favorite is the last one with the awesome bokeh on it. I have heard her actions are good. I haven't bought any, I just make my own and use free ones. They seem to work well enough for me. :)