Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Thursday's theme is laughter!
I could post a photo of me at nine months pregnant in my bathing suit - now THAT would be funny and would definately get a few chuckles!
I'll save myself the . . wait. .. I'll save YOU the torture and post these instead.
Our little cub scout needed a cake for the blue and gold banquet cake auction. I wanted to make a beautiful, delicious 12 layer cake. I had seen the recipe and wanted a piece so bad. The cake on that link looks SO YUMMY!! So I spent all this time making it and stacking it all up and I ran out of frosting. It wasn't thick enough to spread around the edges anyway (It didn't turn out like it was suppose to, soaked into the yummy spongy cake, making it not so yummy and way too rich!!) and I ran out of time to make another batch of thicker frosting SOOOOO I decided it looked enough like a stack of pancakes that we could go with it. My son colored, cut out and taped on the paper eggs and bacon on the side and squeezed out just enough frosting to make it look like some pats of butter :). It ended up tasting gross - a different frosting recipe would be best in my opinion, but it looked awesome!!


Jen said...

Oh man, what a bummer. It sure does look good. I love the eggs and bacon.

Stacy said...

Thats too bad after all that work that it didn't taste good...bummer! It sure looks neat though, so at least you get points for a cool looking cake. :) That's no fair posting pictures of sweets when I'm hungry, and have given them up for Lent. ;)

Megan said... made a 12 layer cake? WOW! you get props for that...cub scouts don't care how it tastes anyway :).

Killlashandra said...

I love the addition of eggs and bacon! That totally makes the cake/pancake stack. It's a great idea!

Cara said...

I love the picture, very creative. I recently tried to make a cake that did not rise and ended up weighing a ton and making its was to the trash. I too was extremely disappointed it didn't turn out.

Shelly said...

What an awesome idea! That is so creative of you. The cake looks great!