Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summertime Memories

We are a swimming family. Up until recently we had a membership to the gym with an indoor pool and we'd try to get a couple times a week with the kids during the winter months. In the summer time we put the membership on hold and swim at the cousins pool every chance we get. The boys have really taken to water and I think they have some gills in them somewhere.
I can't imagine summer without water!!! We live for it.

We all agree that the best time of summer is the family reunion!!! We spend a week with nearly 50 cousins, aunts and uncles at a different spot each year. The reunions fall on the week of the 4th of July and in most years past we've been near the beach! Some of the kids think the week is better than Christmas. My brother in law says that it's the "reason for living". We've spent weeks along the Oregon coast, Yosemite, and San Diego. This year we will spend a week near Yellowstone. The family has been anticipating it all year :)

I'm not finding the pictures I want to find and I've been at it way too long. So I'll just leave with these :)

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Stacy said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great family tradition to have too! That would be so nice to have a vacation with a big family and have all the cousins get to play together.

Yellowstone is very pretty, too. Just don't be among those people that get out of the car with their toddlers to go photograph a grizzy. I'm continually amazed at the stupidity of people that think wild animals are domesticated in National Parks LOL!

Jen said...

Beautiful shots. That does sound like a great family tradition. The kids will cherish those memories for sure.

Megan said...

oh, perfect summer shots! have a great time at yellowstone this year -- we did it last year and it was a blast!

carrie said...

That is a great summertime tradition! I so would like to do that. I love the beach shot! That is where we spend our summers, too!